Syllabus Course Instructors Course title
GEOG 2-1 Kremenetski, Kostya Biodiversity in Changing World
GEOG 4-1 Sheppard, Eric S. Globalization: Regional Development and World Economy
GEOG 5-1 Illes, Lilia People and Earth's Ecosystems
GEOG 7-1 Yongwei, Sheng Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 19-1 Trimble, Stanley W. Fiat Lux Freshman Seminars: American Rivers, Environment, and History
GEOG 104-1 Raphael, Marilyn N. Climatology
GEOG M107-1 Trimble, Stanley W. Soil and Water Conservation
GEOG 114-1 Carney, Judith Africa and African Diaspora in Americas
Restricted syllabus (only enrolled students) GEOG M115-1 Hecht, Susanna / Holmes, Tisha Environmentalism: Past, Present, and Future
GEOG 120-1 Sullivan, Robert Conservation of Resources: North America
GEOG 134-1 Wilford, Justin Space, Place, and Nature in Western Thought
GEOG M137-1 Trimble, Stanley W. Historical Geography of American Environment
GEOG 139-1 Faier, Lieba Japan in World: Culture, Place, and Global Connections
GEOG 140-1 Moore, Adam Political Geography
GEOG 142-1 Jamie, Goodwin-White Population Geography
GEOG 147-1 Sullivan, Robert Social Geography
GEOG 148-1 Rigby, David Economic Geography
GEOG 152-1 Agnew, John Cities of Europe
GEOG 159C-1 Carney, Judith Problems in Geography: Culture and Environment in Modern World
GEOG 167-1 Shin, Michael / Burkhart, Nicholas Cartography
GEOG 168-1 Illes, Lilia / Lyons, Evan Intermediate Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 169-1 Laurence, Smith / Lyons, Evan Satellite Remote Sensing and Imaging Geographic Information Systems
GEOG C194A-1 Yongwei, Sheng Research Group Seminars: Issues in Biophysical Geography
GEOG M236A-1 (Registrar) Storper, Michael Theories of Regional Economic Development I
GEOG M241-1 Agnew, John Seminar: Political Geography of Italy
GEOG M243-1 Jamie, Goodwin-White / Waldinger, Roger International Migration
GEOG 250-1 Lisa, Davis Urban Systems
GEOG M265-1 (Registrar) Hecht, Susanna Environmentalisms
GEOG 282-1 Stephen, Bell South America
GEOG 295-1 Michael, Curry Seminar: Geographic Thought
GEOG C296A-1 Yongwei, Sheng Research Group Seminars: Issues in Biophysical Geography
GEOG 296E-1 Faier, Lieba Research Group Seminars: Issues in Human Geography
GEOG 298A-1 Raphael, Marilyn N. Issues in Geographical Inquiry