Political Science

Syllabus Course Instructors Course title
POL SCI 6-1 Denardo, James Introduction to Data Analysis
POL SCI 19-1 Lohmann, Susanne Fiat Lux Freshman Seminars: Can't We Make Moral Judgments?
POL SCI 20-1 Robert, Trager World Politics
POL SCI 40-1 Tausanovitch, Christopher N Introduction to American Politics
POL SCI 50-1 Lofchie, Michael F. Introduction to Comparative Politics
POL SCI 111B-1 Pagden, Anthony History of Political Thought: Early Modern Political Theory from Hobbes to Bentham
POL SCI 111C-1 Dienstag, Joshua History of Political Thought: Late Modern and Contemporary Political Theory from Hegel to the Present
POL SCI 113B-1 Wilkinson, David Politics, Theory, and Film
POL SCI 120A-1 Deborah, Larson Foreign Relations of U.S.
POL SCI 121A-1 Totten, Robbie Studies in Formulation of American Foreign Policy: Foreign Policy: Frameworks of America's World Role
POL SCI 122A-1 Mahoney, Charles World Order
POL SCI 124A-1 Almeida, Monica International Political Economy
POL SCI 124C-1 Kim, Julia Politics of Latin American Economic Development
POL SCI 132A-1 Spiegel, Steven International Relations of Middle East
POL SCI 137A-1 Stein, Arthur A. International Relations Theory
POL SCI 138B-1 Trachtenberg, Marc International Politics, 1914 to the Present
POL SCI 139-1 Wheeler, Anita C. Special Studies in International Relations: Africa and China
POL SCI 140B-1 James, Scott Curtis National Institutions: The Presidency
POL SCI 145E-1 Orren, Karen J. Public Law and Judicial Process: Constitutional Law--Rights of Accused
POL SCI 147C-1 James, Scott Curtis American Political Development: Institutional Development: Evolution of American Political Economy
POL SCI 149-1 Frasure, Lorrie Special Topics in American Government and Politics: Politics of American Suburbanization
POL SCI 149-2 Lebow, Cynthia Special Topics in American Government and Politics: Politics in Action: Proposals for Amending the Constitution
POL SCI 151C-1 Keller, Edmond African Politics: Special Topics in African Politics: Politics of Cultural Pluralism in Africa
POL SCI 154B-1 Geddes, Barbara Government and Politics in Latin America: States of South America
POL SCI 157-1 Petrovic, Bojan Government and Politics in the Middle East
POL SCI 159A-1 Tong, James Government and Politics of China: Chinese Revolution and Age of Mao Zedong
POL SCI 169-1 Roberts, Tyson Special Studies in Comparative Politics: Authoritarian Politics
POL SCI 169-2 Treisman, Daniel Special Studies in Comparative Politics: Roots of Democracy
POL SCI 171C-1 Groseclose, Timothy Legislative Strategy
POL SCI 172-1 Chwe, Michael Strategy and Conflict
POL SCI 179-1 Lohmann, Susanne Special Topics in Methods and Models: Simulating Society
POL SCI M180A-1 Sawyer, Mark African American Political Thought
POL SCI 188SA-1 Lofchie, Michael F. Individual Studies for USIE Facilitators
POL SCI 189-1 Lohmann, Susanne Advanced Honors Seminars: Advanced Honors Seminar for Political Science 179
POL SCI 191C-1 Anderson, Richard D. Variable Topics Research Seminars for Majors: Politics: Voting Rights and Political Discourse in U.S.
POL SCI 191C-2 Frasure, Lorrie Variable Topics Research Seminars for Majors: Politics: Racial and Ethnic Politics
POL SCI M191DC-1 Desveaux, James / Garcia-Quinones, Olivia CAPPP Washington, DC, Research Seminars
POL SCI 193-1 Lohmann, Susanne Journal Club Seminars: Political Science: Marschak Colloquium
POL SCI 195CE-1 Berenji, Shahin / Gurantz, Ron Moti Community and Corporate Internships in Political Science
POL SCI 199-2 Lacour, Michael Jules Directed Research in Political Science
POL SCI 200B-1 Bawn, Kathleen / Santos, Felipe Nunes Dos Statistical Methods II
POL SCI 200D-1 Lewis, Jeffrey Quantitative Methods in Politics
POL SCI 204A-1 Chwe, Michael Game Theory in Politics I
POL SCI M208D-1 Bentler, Peter M. Multivariate Analysis with Latent Variables
POL SCI 209-1 Groseclose, Timothy Special Topics in Formal Theory and Quantitative Methods: Applications and Tests of Formal Models of Politics
POL SCI 218-1 Pagden, Anthony Selected Topics in Political Theory: Political Theory of Empires
POL SCI 218-2 Carole, Pateman Selected Topics in Political Theory: Democratic Theory
POL SCI 218-4 Esparza Walker, Brian Douglas Selected Topics in Political Theory: Classics in Philosophy of Social Science
POL SCI 220B-1 Trachtenberg, Marc International Relations Core Seminar II
POL SCI 239-1 Robert, Trager Selected Topics in International Relations
POL SCI 240B-1 Golden, Miriam A. / Ross, Michael / Treisman, Daniel Seminar: Comparative Politics
POL SCI 254B-1 Thies, Michael Institutions and Comparative Politics: Political Institutions, Delegation, and Policy-Making
POL SCI 258-1 Golden, Miriam A. / Ross, Michael / Treisman, Daniel Comparative Politics Proseminar
POL SCI 259-1 Golden, Miriam A. Selected Topics in Comparative Politics: Distributive Politics
POL SCI 269-1 Zaller, John R. Seminar: Political Behavior
POL SCI 273-1 Orren, Karen J. American Political Development