Asian American Studies

Syllabus Course Instructors Course title
Summer session A
ASIA AM 10-1 Deguzman, Jean-Paul History of Asian Americans
ASIA AM 50-1 Kim, Susan Asian American Women
ASIA AM M143A-1 (Registrar) Labrador, Roderick Fieldwork in Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities
ASIA AM M143C-1 (Registrar) Labrador, Roderick Ethnic Identity and Ethnic Relations in Hawai'i
ASIA AM M166C-1 Narro, Victor Worker Center Movement: Next Wave Organizing for Justice for Immigrant Workers
Summer session C
ASIA AM 30W-1 Welty, Lily Anne Asian American Literature and Culture
Restricted syllabus (only enrolled students) ASIA AM M114-1 Huh, Cheong Asian American Education and Schooling
ASIA AM M129-1 Do, Andrew Health Issues for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders: Myth or Model?
ASIA AM 130A-1 Kao, John Chinese American Experience