Syllabus Course Instructors Course title
Summer session A
GEOG 2-1 Lydon, Scott Edward Biodiversity in Changing World
GEOG 4-1 Cai, Siyu Globalization: Regional Development and World Economy
GEOG 5-1 Gonzalez, Bridget People and Earth's Ecosystems
GEOG 7-1 Macaspac, Vener Valerio Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Syllabus (login required) GEOG M115-1 Dorr, Adam Environmentalism: Past, Present, and Future
GEOG 126-1 Illes, Lilia Geography of Extinction
GEOG 135-1 Fent, Ashley Marie African Ecology and Development
GEOG 145-1 Agnew, Heather Slavery and Human Trafficking
Syllabus (login required) GEOG M149-1 Osman, Taner Transportation Geography
GEOG 151-1 Colven, Emma Cities and Social Difference
GEOG 167-2 Mason, Jennifer Cartography
Summer session C
GEOG 3-1 Bender, Catherine Tsukasa Cultural Geography
GEOG 3-3 Wilford, Justin Cultural Geography
GEOG 5-2 Brown, Lauren People and Earth's Ecosystems
GEOG 6-1 Mason, Jennifer World Regions: Concepts and Contemporary Issues
GEOG 7-2 Lydon, Scott Edward Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 116-1 Illes, Lilia Biogeography of Plant and Animal Invasions
GEOG 125-2 Le, Tuyen Health and Global Environment
GEOG 147-1 Ward, Diane Social Geography
GEOG 168-2 Ward, Jason Intermediate Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 184-1 Robinson, Chelsea California