Syllabus Course Instructors Course title
Summer session A
Syllabus (no login required) HIST 1B-1 Ruiz, Teofilo Introduction to Western Civilization: Circa 843 to circa 1715
Syllabus (login required) HIST M103A-1 Campbell, Roselyn Ancient Egyptian Civilization
HIST 112B-1 Phillips, David D. History of Ancient Mediterranean World
Syllabus (login required) HIST M112C-1 Gurval, Robert History of Ancient Mediterranean World
HIST 112D-1 Phillips, David D. History and Monuments of Ancient Greece: Field Studies
Syllabus (login required) HIST M112E-1 Gurval, Robert History and Monuments of Rome: Field Studies
HIST 119D-1 Ruiz, Teofilo Topics in Medieval History
HIST 119D-2 Markman, Kristina Topics in Medieval History: Sex in Middle Ages
HIST 142D-1 Corey, Mary American Popular Culture
HIST M155-2 Avila, Eric R. History of Los Angeles
HIST 191B-1 Ruiz, Teofilo Capstone Seminar: History -- Medieval
HIST 191C-1 Langdon, John Capstone Seminar: History -- Europe: World War II, the Good War
HIST 195CE-1 Craig, Yirush / Centanino, Araceli Community and Corporate Internships in History
Summer session C
Syllabus (no login required) HIST 1C-1 Hunt, Lynn Introduction to Western Civilization: Circa 1715 to Present
Syllabus (no login required) HIST 13C-1 Kelley, Robin History of the U.S. and Its Colonial Origins: 20th Century
HIST 121E-1 Albion, Urdank History of Modern Europe: Era of Total War, 1914 to 1945
HIST M150B-1 Stevenson, Brenda Introduction to Afro-American History
HIST M150D-1 Gardette, Sheila Recent African American Urban History: Funk Music and Politics of Black Popular Culture
HIST M151C-1 Espino, Virginia Understanding Whiteness in American History and Culture
HIST 154-2 Gantner, Donald History of California
HIST 157B-1 Terraciano, Kevin Indians of Colonial Mexico