Syllabus Course Instructors Course title
ANTHRO 2-1 Smith, Monica L. Archaeology: Introduction
ANTHRO 3-1 Cattelino, Jessica Culture and Society
ANTHRO 4-1 Alim, Hesham Culture and Communication
ANTHRO 19-1 Manson, Joseph H. Fiat Lux Freshman Seminars: Character of Characters: Personality Description Using California Q-Sort
ANTHRO 19-2 Perry, Susan Fiat Lux Freshman Seminars: Long-Term Studies of Animal Behavior
ANTHRO 19-3 Kroskrity, Paul Fiat Lux Freshman Seminars: UCLA Centennial Initiative: Celebration of UCLA American Indian Studies
ANTHRO 19-4 Fessler, Daniel Fiat Lux Freshman Seminars: Animals in Translation: Evolutionary Approaches to Animal Thinking and Autism
ANTHRO 19-5 Acabado, Stephen Fiat Lux Freshman Seminars: Colonial Landscapes of Southern California
ANTHRO 19-6 Fiske, Alan Fiat Lux Freshman Seminars: Why am I Crying over These Kittens?
ANTHRO 89-1 (Registrar) Alim, Hesham Honors Seminars: Honors Seminar for Anthropology 4, Lecture 1
ANTHRO 100-1 Stewart, Charles History of Anthropology
ANTHRO 110-1 Schachner, Greg Principles of Archaeology
ANTHRO 113P-1 Cheetham, David Archaeology of North America
ANTHRO 116Q-1 Li, Min Selected Topics in Archaeology of China
ANTHRO C117-1 Wake, Thomas Selected Laboratory Topics in Archaeology
ANTHRO 124T-1 Manson, Joseph H. Evolution of Personality
ANTHRO 126P-1 Rashidi, Jennifer Paleopathology
ANTHRO 128P-1 Perry, Susan Primate Behavior Nonhuman to Human
Restricted syllabus (only enrolled students) ANTHRO M128R-1 Lynch, Jessica / Schlinger, Barnett Hormones and Behavior in Humans and Other Animals
ANTHRO 130-1 Kim, Mi Study of Culture
ANTHRO 136B-1 Lemelson, Robert Introduction to Psychological Anthropology: Current Topics and Research
ANTHRO 138P-1 Fiske, Alan Field Methods in Cultural Anthropology
ANTHRO 139-2 Garro, Linda Selected Topics in Cultural Anthropology: Doctors, Clinics, and Biomedicine
ANTHRO 142Q-1 Boum, Aomar Ethnic and Religious Minorities
ANTHRO M145P-1 Levine, Nancy Marriage, Family, and Kinship
ANTHRO M148-1 Diamond, Jared / Lydon, Scott Edward Past People and Their Lessons for Our Own Future
ANTHRO 149-1 Loyd, Heather Selected Topics in Social Anthropology: Careers in Anthropology
ANTHRO 153-1 Everhart, Edwin Language and Identity
ANTHRO M156-1 Kroskrity, Paul Language Endangerment and Linguistic Revitalization
ANTHRO 159-1 Hauck, Jan Selected Topics in Linguistic Anthropology: Human-Nonhuman Communication: Anthropological Perspectives on Language and Cross-Species Interaction
ANTHRO M166Q-1 Boum, Aomar Culture Area of Maghrib (North Africa)
ANTHRO 191HC-1 Toyota, Tritia / Stephan, Christopher Shawn Data Analysis
ANTHRO 194-1 Fessler, Daniel Research Group Seminars: Anthropology
ANTHRO 194-3 Fox, Molly Research Group Seminars: Anthropology
ANTHRO 200-1 Harold, Barrett Conceptualizing Anthropological Research
ANTHRO M201A-1 Smith, Monica L. Graduate Core Seminar: Archaeology
ANTHRO 202-1 Wood, Brian Biological Anthropology Colloquium
ANTHRO 203A-1 Slyomovics, Susan Core Seminar: Sociocultural Anthropology--Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Anthropology
ANTHRO 204-1 Debenport, Erin Core Seminar: Linguistic Anthropology
ANTHRO CM217-1 Wake, Thomas Selected Laboratory Topics in Archaeology
ANTHRO 219-1 Acabado, Stephen Selected Topics in Anthropological/Archaeological Theory: Issues in Indigenous Archaeology
ANTHRO 221-1 Scelza, Brooke Behavior, Evolution, and Culture
ANTHRO 223-1 Harold, Barrett Experimental Biological Anthropology
ANTHRO 234-1 Throop, C. Jason Mind, Medicine, and Culture
ANTHRO M237-1 Fiske, Alan Psychological Anthropology: Studying Social Emotions: Kama Muta
ANTHRO 241-1 Gupta, Akhil Culture, Power, Social Change
ANTHRO 242-1 Park, Kyeyoung Urban Anthropology
ANTHRO 254-1 Debenport, Erin Discourse Laboratory
ANTHRO 495-1 Talley, Gwyneth Teaching Anthropology