Gender Studies

Syllabus Course Instructors Course title
GENDER 10-1 Williams, Juliet Introduction to Gender Studies
GENDER 102-1 Finch, Aisha Power
GENDER 104-1 Anesi, Juliann T. / Mauricio, Diana Bodies
Syllabus (login required) GENDER M105B-1 Little, Arthur Queer Literatures and Cultures, 1850 to 1970: Intimacy of Queer Life in Early Queer Literature
Syllabus (login required) GENDER M107A-1 Rowe, Karen Studies in Women's Writing: American Women Writers: History, Culture, and Creativity
GENDER M121-1 Apgar, Amanda Elizabeth Topics in Gender and Disabilities: Disability, Sex, and Consent
GENDER M124-1 Mankekar, Purnima Sex, Race, and Difference in Transnational Film
GENDER M147D-1 Marino, Katherine History of Women in U.S., 1860 to 1980
GENDER M154P-1 Levine, Nancy Marriage, Family, and Kinship
GENDER M157-1 Espino, Virginia Chicana Historiography
GENDER M162-1 Anderson, Terri Sociology of Gender
GENDER 185-1 Ribet, Elizabeth Special Topics in Gender Studies: Gender Law and Policy
GENDER 185-2 Anesi, Juliann T. Special Topics in Gender Studies: Gender, Disability, and Education
GENDER 185-3 Sengul, Serap Special Topics in Gender Studies: Violence and Memory in Middle East
GENDER 185-4 Pena, Claudia Special Topics in Gender Studies: Women of Color in Social Movements
GENDER 185-5 Chhun, Lina Special Topics in Gender Studies: Human in Time of War
GENDER M186A-1 Tamboli, Vikram Women and Gender, Prehistory to 1792
GENDER 187-1 Hong, Grace Senior Research Seminar: Gender Studies
GENDER 201-1 Marchant, Elizabeth Introduction to Interdisciplinary Methods in Gender Studies
GENDER 202-1 Guzman, Joshua Key Theories and Concepts in Gender Studies
GENDER 205-1 Razack, Sherene Subfields in Gender Studies: Race, Gender, and Space: Research Methodologies