Syllabus Course Instructors Course title
Syllabus (login required) MGMTPHD 200-1 Bikhchandani, Sushil Economics of Decision
Syllabus (login required) MGMTPHD 201A-1 Rossi, Peter Probability, Statistics, and Computational Methods for Econometrics
MGMTPHD 202A-1 (Registrar) Saavedra, Daniel Accounting Workshop
MGMTPHD 204A-1 (Registrar) Haddad, Valentin / Muir, Tyler Finance Workshop
MGMTPHD 205A-1 (Registrar) Bravo, Fernanda / Misic, Velibor Seminar: Decisions, Operations, and Technology Management Systems
MGMTPHD 206A-1 (Registrar) Goldstein, Noah J. Research Seminar: Management and Organizational Behavior
MGMTPHD 207A-1 (Registrar) Holmes, Catherine Workshop: Marketing
MGMTPHD 208A-1 (Registrar) Voigtlaender, Nico Global Economics and Management Workshop
MGMTPHD 209A-1 (Registrar) Lieberman, Marvin Management Strategy and Policy Workshop
Restricted syllabus (only enrolled students) MGMTPHD 234-1 Saavedra, Daniel Special Topics in Accounting
Syllabus (login required) MGMTPHD 239-1 Muir, Tyler Empirical Asset Pricing