Political Science

Syllabus Course Instructors Course title
POL SCI 6-1 Hartman, Erin Introduction to Data Analysis
POL SCI 10-1 Panagia, Davide Introduction to Political Theory
POL SCI 20-1 Wilkinson, David World Politics
POL SCI 30-1 Chwe, Michael Politics and Strategy
POL SCI 40-1 Schwartz, Thomas Introduction to American Politics
POL SCI 50-2 Thies, Michael Introduction to Comparative Politics
POL SCI M105-1 Schwartz, Thomas Economic Models of Public Choice
POL SCI 111C-1 Branstetter, John Late Modern Political Theory
POL SCI 119-3 Branstetter, John Special Studies in Political Theory: Introduction to Comparative Political Theory
POL SCI 120B-1 Desveaux, James / Preble, Christopher World Politics and U.S. Foreign Policy after September 11
POL SCI 139-3 Berenji, Shahin Special Studies in International Relations: Foreign Policy in Uncertain World
POL SCI 139-4 Peters, Margaret Special Studies in International Relations: Politics of Migration
POL SCI 139-5 Ben-Ephraim, Shaiel Special Studies in International Relations: U.S.-Israel Relations: Anatomy of Special Relationship
POL SCI 140A-2 Tausanovitch, Christopher N National Institutions: Congress
POL SCI 140B-1 Patterson, Shawn National Institutions: The Presidency
POL SCI 141E-1 Desveaux, James / Scully, Steven Electoral Politics: Elections, Media, and Strategy
POL SCI 142A-1 Zaller, John R. Political Parties and Interest Groups: Political Parties
POL SCI 143C-1 Frasure, Lorrie Politics of American Suburbanization
POL SCI 145B-1 Lebow, Cynthia Public Law and Judicial Process: Constitutional Law--Separation of Powers
POL SCI 149-2 Shrode, John Robert Special Topics in American Government and Politics: Economic Inequality in U.S.
POL SCI 156A-1 Ananyev, Maxim Government and Politics of Post-Communist States: Russia
POL SCI 159A-1 Tong, James Government and Politics of China: Chinese Revolution and Age of Mao Zedong
POL SCI 166-1 Wainfan, Kathryn Comparative Constitutional Design
POL SCI M191DC-1 Desveaux, James / Vilan, Andrea CAPPP Washington, DC, Research Seminars
POL SCI M194DC-1 Desveaux, James CAPPP Washington, DC, Research Seminars
POL SCI 195CE-1 Card, Kenton Community and Corporate Internships in Political Science
POL SCI 200A-1 Bawn, Kathleen / Munoz, Alexander Probability and Inference for Social Science
POL SCI 200D-1 Lewis, Jeffrey / Ziolkowski, Caleb Maximum Likelihood for Social Science
POL SCI M208D-1 Bentler, Peter M. Multivariate Analysis with Latent Variables
POL SCI 212-1 Panagia, Davide Seminar: Political Theory
POL SCI 217-1 Dienstag, Joshua Selected Texts in Political Theory
POL SCI 220A-1 Stein, Arthur A. International Relations Core Seminar I
POL SCI 239-1 Deborah, Larson Selected Topics in International Relations: Qualitative Methods
POL SCI 240A-1 Ross, Michael / Thies, Michael / Treisman, Daniel Seminar: Comparative Politics
POL SCI 260A-1 Bawn, Kathleen / Tausanovitch, Christopher N / Vavreck, Lynn Survey Course in American Politics: Political Parties and Electoral Process
POL SCI 269-1 Chwe, Michael Seminar: Political Behavior
POL SCI 269-2 Zaller, John R. Seminar: Political Behavior
POL SCI 280A-1 Frasure, Lorrie / Masuoka, Natalie Race and Ethnic Politics Field Seminar 1
POL SCI 292A-1 Ross, Michael Introduction to Political Inquiry: Problems of Scientific Inquiry and Normative Discourse
POL SCI 495-1 Eason, Mackenzie Teaching Political Science