Civic Engagement

Syllabus Course Instructors Course title
CIVIC 18-1 Bruin Leaders: Model for Social Change
CIVIC 50SL-1 Jacobs, Molly Sarah / Murdock, Sara / Solone, Caitlin / Jeffries, Robbin Engaging Los Angeles
CIVIC 95A-1 Introduction to Community-Based Internships
CIVIC 100SL-1 Barrera, Douglas S. Perspectives on Civic Engagement
Syllabus (login required) CIVIC M110SL-1 Goodhue, Elizabeth K. Community-Based Studies of Popular Literature
CIVIC M122-1 Fox, Laura / Lindholm, Jennifer / Martin-Tungpalan, Nolito / Suarez, Michael / Arredondo, Agustin Philanthropy as Civic Engagement
CIVIC M134SL-1 Valenzuela Jr., Abel Engaging Immigrants and Their Families
CIVIC M170SL-1 Bassett, James / Aguirre, Suzette Food Studies and Food Justice in Los Angeles
Restricted syllabus (only enrolled students) CIVIC M175SL-1 Mays, Vickie Addressing Social Determinants in Racial/Ethnic Minority Communities to Reduce and Prevent Health Disparities
CIVIC 195CE-1 Larios, Evelyn Emperatriz Community and Corporate Internships in Civic Engagement
CIVIC 199-1 Barrera, Douglas S. Directed Research or Senior Project in Civic Engagement