Syllabus Course Instructors Course title
GEOG 1-1 Gonzalez, Bridget Earth's Physical Environment
GEOG 2-1 Cusack, Daniela Biodiversity in Changing World
GEOG 3-1 Boatright, Stephen Cultural Geography
GEOG 4-1 Rigby, David / Desai, Amman / Jahn Verri, Fernanda / Joudah, Nour Globalization: Regional Development and World Economy
GEOG 5-1 Gillespie, Thomas People and Earth's Ecosystems
GEOG 6-1 Diamond, Jared / Agnew, Heather / Ward, Jason World Regions: Concepts and Contemporary Issues
GEOG 98T-1 Fent, Ashley Marie Geographies of Extractive Capitalism: Mining and Minerals in Social and Political Perspective
GEOG 100-1 Gonzalez, Bridget Principles of Geomorphology
GEOG 104-1 Raphael, Marilyn N. Climatology
GEOG 125-1 Miller, Joel / George, Jessie Rachel Health and Global Environment
GEOG 134-1 Potts, Shaina Border Studies
GEOG 140-1 Moore, Adam / Matisoff, Adina Political Geography
GEOG 141-1 Sheppard, Eric S. Uneven Development Geographies: Prosperity and Impoverishment in Third World
GEOG 147-1 Jamie, Goodwin-White Social Geography
GEOG 150-1 Boatright, Stephen Urban Geography
GEOG M153-1 Diamond, Jared Past People and Their Lessons for Our Own Future
GEOG 159A-1 Leitner, Helga M. Problems in Geography: Urban and Regional Development Studies
GEOG 159C-1 Carney, Judith Problems in Geography: Culture and Environment in Modern World
GEOG 166-1 Cavanaugh, Kyle / Naylor, Alexander Environmental Modeling
GEOG 168-1 Shin, Michael / Zhan, Shengan Intermediate Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 168-2 Shin, Michael / Zhan, Shengan Intermediate Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 170-1 Burkhart, Nicholas / Zhang, Junzhe Advanced Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 172-1 Xue, Yongkang / An, Karen Remote Sensing: Digital Image Processing and Analysis
GEOG 173-1 Yongwei, Sheng / Madson, Austin Geographic Information Systems Programming and Development
GEOG 182B-1 Stephen, Bell Brazil
GEOG 183-1 Agnew, John The Mediterranean World
GEOG 184-1 Herrera, Juan California
GEOG C194A-1 Yongwei, Sheng Research Group Seminars: Issues in Biophysical Geography
GEOG 202-1 Moore, Adam Qualitative Methods and Methodology
GEOG M205-1 Paik Schoenberg, Frederic Spatial Statistics
GEOG M206-1 Xue, Yongkang Introduction to Biophysical Modeling of Land Surface Processes and Land/Atmosphere Interactions
GEOG 214-1 Yongwei, Sheng Advanced Projects in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Remote Sensing
GEOG M224-1 Jamie, Goodwin-White International Migration
Syllabus (login required) GEOG M230B-1 Storper, Michael Globalization and Regional Development
GEOG 238-1 Leitner, Helga M. Seminar: Urban Geography
GEOG M265-1 Hecht, Susanna Environmentalisms: Climate Dimensions and Politics Past, Present, Future
GEOG 271-1 Raphael, Marilyn N. Seminar: Climatology
GEOG 299A-1 Leitner, Helga M. Research Group Seminars: Issues in Human Geography
GEOG C299B-1 Yongwei, Sheng Research Group Seminars: Issues in Biophysical Geography