Labor And Workplace Studies

Syllabus Course Instructors Course title
LBR&WS M114C-1 Bose, Anuja African American Political Thought
LBR&WS M122-1 Hinojosa-Ojeda, Raul Planning Issues in Latina/Latino Communities
LBR&WS M125-1 Hinojosa-Ojeda, Raul U.S./Mexico Relations
LBR&WS M134SL-1 Valenzuela Jr., Abel Engaging Immigrants and Their Families
LBR&WS M136-1 Shadduck-Hernandez, Janna Working Families and Educational Inequalities in Urban Schools
LBR&WS M166B-1 Guarneros Monterrosa, Nancy Research on Immigration Rights, Labor, and Higher Education
LBR&WS 168-1 Newman, Chris Law and Politics of Immigration: Migrants and Inevitable Evolution of Collective and Individual Rights
Syllabus (login required) LBR&WS M170-1 Delp, Linda / Kessler, Elana Improving Worker Health: Social Movements, Policy Debates, and Public Health
LBR&WS M173-1 Lawson, James / Wong, Kent Nonviolence and Social Movements
LBR&WS 182A-1 Espino, Virginia Oral History and Collective Memory: Research Methods and Applications of 21st-Century Narratives
LBR&WS 188-1 Flores, Tenoch Special Courses in Labor and Workplace Studies
LBR&WS 188-2 Wilson, Eli Revelle Yano Special Courses in Labor and Workplace Studies
LBR&WS 188-4 Narro, Victor Special Courses in Labor and Workplace Studies