Psychiatry And Biobehavioral Sciences

Syllabus Course Instructors Course title
Syllabus (login required) PSYCTRY 79-1 Korb, Alexander Applied Positive Neuroscience: Skills for Improving Productivity and Wellbeing
Syllabus (login required) PSYCTRY 174-1 Fuligni, Andrew Brain and Behavioral Health: Childhood and Adolescence
PSYCTRY 236C-1 (Registrar) Sena, Rhonda Psychology Interns Seminar
PSYCTRY 281C-1 (Registrar) Freeman, Stephanny Behavioral Therapy in Educational Settings
PSYCTRY 293-1 (Registrar) Murphy, Debra Professional Development: Presentations and Preparation for Academic Interviews
PSYCTRY 405-1 (Registrar) Hamilton, Alison / Milburn, Norweeta / Thames, April Denise / Wyatt, Gail E. Trauma and Sexual Abuse Research Seminar
PSYCTRY 482-1 (Registrar) Piacentini, John C. Clinical Practicum in Childhood Anxiety and Related Disorders