Chicana And Chicano Studies

Syllabus Course Instructors Course title
Summer session A
CHICANO 10A-1 Silvestre, Adriana Introduction to Chicana/Chicano Studies: History and Culture
CHICANO 10A-2 Mondragon, Rodolfo Introduction to Chicana/Chicano Studies: History and Culture
CHICANO 100SL-1 Gonzalez, Omar Barrio Organization and Service Learning
CHICANO M102-1 del Real Viramontes, Jose / Carrillo, Jr, Vicente Mexican Americans and Schools
CHICANO CM106-1 Casas, Ralph / Celestino, Rosa Health in Chicano/Latino Population
Syllabus (login required) CHICANO M108A-1 Porras, Edwin Music of Latin America: Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean Isles
CHICANO M124-1 Aguilar, Jose Latino Immigration History and Politics
CHICANO M134SL-1 Flores, David Jesus Engaging Immigrants and Their Families
CHICANO 180-1 Haro, Carlos Chicana and Chicano Schooling and Community Activism
Summer session C
CHICANO 10B-1 Zepeda, Nadia Introduction to Chicana/Chicano Studies: Social Structure and Contemporary Conditions
Syllabus (no login required) CHICANO M105B-1 Lopez, Marissa Chicana/Chicano Literature from Mexican Revolution to el Movimiento, 1920 to 1970s
CHICANO M114-1 Alma, Karina Chicanos in Film/Video
CHICANO 143-1 Robert, Romero Mestizaje: History of Diverse Racial/Cultural Roots of Mexico
CHICANO 151-1 Verches, Richard Human Rights in Americas
CHICANO M155A-1 Mayorga, Oscar Latinos in U.S.
CHICANO M158-1 Espino, Virginia Chicana Historiography
CHICANO M175-1 Ellis, Helen Chicana Art and Artists
CHICANO M183-1 Gantner, Donald History of Los Angeles
CHICANO 188-2 Leon, Lucia Special Courses in Chicana and Chicano Studies
CHICANO 191-4 Valenzuela Jr., Abel Variable Topics Research Seminars: Chicana and Chicano Studies
CHICANO 193-1 Valenzuela Jr., Abel Readings/Speaker Series Seminars: Chicana and Chicano Studies