Digital Humanities

Syllabus Course Instructors Course title
Summer session A
DGT HUM 30-1 Presner, Todd Los Angeles Tech City: Digital Technologies and Spatial Justice
Syllabus (login required) DGT HUM 150-1 Manojlovic, Maja Advanced Topics in Digital Humanities: Emerging Media: XR Technologies, Immersive Environments, and Embodied Experience
DGT HUM 151-1 Presner, Todd Advanced Topics in Urban Humanities
DGT HUM 195-1 Sanders Garcia, Ashley Community or Corporate Internships in Digital Humanities
DGT HUM 199-1 Presner, Todd Directed Research in Digital Humanities
Summer session C
Syllabus (login required) DGT HUM 101-1 Albrezzi, Francesca Introduction to Digital Humanities