Syllabus Course Instructors Course title
Summer session A
MUSCLG 8-1 Graham, Pheaross History of Electronic Dance Music
Syllabus (login required) MUSCLG 12W-1 Bonczyk, Patrick Writing about Music
Restricted syllabus (only enrolled students) MUSCLG M137-1 Valdez-Guillen, Kristie Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Perspectives in Pop Music
Summer session C
Restricted syllabus (only enrolled students) MUSCLG 7-1 Kannan, Pradeep Film and Music
Syllabus (login required) MUSCLG 7-3 Stein, Danielle Film and Music
MUSCLG 12W-2 Craven, Patrick Writing about Music
MUSCLG 64-1 Kannan, Pradeep Motown and Soul: African American Popular Music of 1960s
MUSCLG 94-1 Music and Internet