Courses in Mathematics

Syllabus Course Instructors Course title
Summer session A
Syllabus (login required) MATH 1-1 Das, Omprokash Precalculus
Syllabus (login required) MATH 3A-1 Norwood, Zach Calculus for Life Sciences Students
Syllabus (login required) MATH 3C-1 Greene, Paige Ordinary Differential Equations with Linear Algebra for Life Sciences Students
Syllabus (login required) MATH 31A-1 Miroshnikov, Alexey Differential and Integral Calculus
Syllabus (no login required) MATH 32A-1 Fioresi, Rita Calculus of Several Variables
MATH 33A-1 Bhaskhar, Nivedita Linear Algebra and Applications
Syllabus (login required) MATH 61-1 Lindquist, Jeffrey William Introduction to Discrete Structures
MATH 110A-1 Bhaskhar, Nivedita Algebra
Syllabus (login required) MATH 115A-1 Das, Omprokash Linear Algebra
Syllabus (login required) MATH 131A-1 Ouellette, Keith Analysis
MATH 132-1 Greene, Robert Complex Analysis for Applications
Syllabus (no login required) MATH 134-1 Petersen, Peter Linear and Nonlinear Systems of Differential Equations
Syllabus (login required) MATH 135-1 Gao, Hongwei Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 142-1 Sprouse, Chadwick Mathematical Modeling
Syllabus (login required) MATH 164-1 Radke, Eric Optimization
Syllabus (login required) MATH 167-1 Bailey, Vivian Mathematical Game Theory
Syllabus (login required) MATH 170A-1 Tassy, Martin Probability Theory
Syllabus (no login required) MATH 174E-1 Bobkov, Anton Mathematics of Finance for Mathematics/Economics Students
Summer session C
MATH 1-2 Owaka, Emmanuel Precalculus
Syllabus (login required) MATH 3B-1 Zhang, Yunfeng Calculus for Life Sciences Students
MATH 31A-2 Azzam, Alexander Adam Differential and Integral Calculus
Syllabus (no login required) MATH 31B-1 Sarkar, Sucharit Integration and Infinite Series
MATH 32A-2 Coley, Ian Calculus of Several Variables
MATH 33B-1 Virtanen, Jukka Differential Equations
MATH 95-1 Andrews, Michael Transition to Upper Division Mathematics
MATH 98XB-1 Owaka, Emmanuel PEERS Collaborative Learning Workshops for Physical Sciences and Engineering Majors
MATH 115A-2 Keranen, Jukka Linear Algebra
MATH 131A-3 Andrews, Michael Analysis
Syllabus (no login required) MATH 142-2 Lindstrom, Michael Mathematical Modeling
Restricted syllabus (only enrolled students) MATH 170B-1 Austin, Alexander D. Probability Theory
MATH 175-1 Low, Ngee Introduction to Financial Mathematics
MATH 296G-1 Greene, Robert Research Seminar: Analysis
MATH 296G-2 Ralston Jr, James Research Seminar: Analysis