About CCLE

  • CCLE gives users a common platform and a consistent interface while providing a shared infrastructure for training, documentation and local support. Programming resources are optimized through the elimination of redundancy, the development of enhanced functionality and the use of a single point of integration for campus services. CCLE also reduces the risk of intellectual property liability at UCLA by extending and solidifying the reach of copyright and licensing information.



    UCLA researchers can use CCLE to create project-focused sites for collaboration with colleagues, staff, students and co-researchers worldwide. Researchers can use a CCLE site to track meeting agendas and notes via a wiki tool, share documents, conduct online discussions, collect feedback, gather peer review opinions, and make public or keep private almost any item within the site.



    CCLE gives instructors the tools to share online course content at the section, course, department, college and institution level.



    Students can integrate information, assignments and resources across courses and research projects anywhere there is an internet connection.


    CCLE provides UCLA staff with a collaborative space for projects, committees, task forces and interest groups.

    How to become a part of CCLE

    Participation in CCLE is usually decided at the division or school level. Schools or divisions that would like to take part in the CCLE system should complete the steps listed below.
    • Indicate whether the school/division will participate in the shared campus-wide system or run a separate Moodle installation within the CCLE structure;
    • Select a "start" date when courses or collaboration sites should go live;
    • Identify the local staff who will provide support, training, and technical assistance to faculty and students;
    • Confirm support for CCLE's guidelines and practices agreed upon by CCLE S&PG;
    • Designate a voting representative to CCLE S&PG.