• The infrastructure for the CCLE's course and collaboration sites is based on a network of both local and shared Moodle server installations, and reflects the CCLE Planning Team's decision to adopt a "hybrid approach" consisting of one shared system (CCLE Shared System) with the option of multiple unit-only installations. The division of Social Sciences is the first CCLE unit to select this option.

    CCLE Shared System

    Launched in Spring 2007, the CCLE shared system is currently home to over 2,000 course sites per term and 600 collaboration sites from schools, divisions and departments across the campus.

    CCLE Social Sciences

    As a participating member of CCLE, the Social Sciences Division transitioned successfully from ClassWeb to Moodle in Fall 2009. Since then, Social Sciences Computing has been hard at work optimizing the functionality and usability of Moodle to ensure performing the tasks instructors would normally do in ClassWeb are just as easy, or easier than before.

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    If you are having problems using or accessing CCLE, click on the Need help? icon style= button at the top of the screen, and select "Submit a help request" from the drop-down menu. Your help request will be routed directly to the appropriate CCLE support staff. You can also contact your local CCLE support staff