CCLE copyright information

Distributing copyrighted materials through CCLE

All materials distributed through the CCLE system must be in compliance with Title 17 of the US Code, generally known as the 1976 Copyright Law.

Every reproduction of a copyrighted work (which includes the act of uploading materials to CCLE) should be done in compliance with this law, and it is the user's responsibility to determine compliance. The instructor of record is responsible for all materials uploaded by teaching assistants, staff, or others doing so at the instructor's request.

All users of CCLE should become familiar with UC Systemwide Copyright Policies and Resources, and can find additional resources and local information at the UCLA Library Copyright site or the UC Copyright site. Within these sites you'll find lots of helpful tools and guides.

Copyright ownership of course materials

Though there are important exceptions included within the 2003 Policy on Ownership of Course Materials, generally "ownership of the rights to Course Materials, including copyright, shall reside with the Designated Instructional Appointee who creates them." Anyone wishing to copy or redistribute materials found on CCLE should secure permission from the copyright owner before doing so.

Obtaining assistance

Instructors are highly encouraged to use the following systems for posting materials to CCLE. Each one of these services has safeguards for insuring that materials are used in compliance with copyright law.

All users of CCLE are encouraged to contact Martin Brennan, the CCLE Copyright and Licensing Librarian, with any questions about copyright law, using copyrighted works within CCLE, and related concerns. Martin can provide copyright training for your department or unit, or consult with you individually on copyright issues.

Past course access

To insure copyright compliance, students only have access to materials from a course during the term and for two weeks afterward; after that, materials are restricted from view. Therefore, we recommend you download any materials you’d like to retain before that time. Please note, such material is meant for your personal educational use, and should not be shared with others outside this course, posted online, or otherwise distributed without permission from the copyright owner.